Date: 07-08-2021 Rod: Century Tip Tornado Reel: Shimano Torium Rig: Long snood bottom feeder

Beezz Ong landed this almost 3 kg Threadfin in the early hour morning when the tide is on the way down.

One lucky night

Date: 15-07-2021 Time: 1800hrs to 2230hrs. Rig: Bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Tide was turning up. Current flow is smooth. Within half n hour I start seeing my line getting loose. Every time I strike fish on. First was the Travelly. Follow by the pink fingermark snapper. Then come in the yellow fingermark snapper.

Long Tail Brown Stingray

Date: 31-05-2021 Time: 2300hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft white. Reel: Shimano Torium 20

Rig: Long snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Evening went for a short trip. Tide was going down but current flow was one way. Still bright so I use one set tackle on cable car rig with a live small rebok fish as bait. Caught a small queenie around 1850hrs and was released back after a quick photo.

After sky dark I concentrate on bottom bait. Tide turn up and current was smooth. Bait is not very lasting so changing bait is often. Around 2300hrs, I was about to pack up when suddenly my reel alarm scream. I strike and the fish took a long run out. After some struggle, I slowly wind it back. A long tail brown stingray surface up. Now Simon who is also here tonight already get my gaff ready. I ask him to hold the rod and I gaff it up. It weigh 9.2kg on the scale.

No Fish, Prawn also Good

Date: 29-05-2021 Time: 9.55 pm

Tide was on the way up. Current was smooth but water surface was push by a strong eastern wind and choppy. I was about to change my fresh herring bait when I pump the rod, suddenly the fish make a run with my line out then I realize I had a hookup. Maybe if I had delay another five minute it may make my reel alarm sound.

My feeling it was a mid size stingray and it did do some struggle and at one point going against the current. I slow down the fight to allowed other anglers near me to wind back their line to clear the space to avoid line tangle.

Halfway through the fish manage to unhook and break free.

Just minute after loosing the fish I saw this big red legged prawn under my squid lamp. I scoop it up with my squid net.

Queen Fish

Date: 06-05-2021 Time:1900 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: CTS 12000 Rig: Long Snood bottom Feeder

Bait: Fresh Tamban

Tide was on the way up and current flow was smooth. Bait cast out is lasting on this period. This evening fresh bait is much available if you jig hard.

I had just change my second bait down not long ago when I saw my rod tip rattling. Quickly strike the rod and fish is on. It fought for a little but gave up after awhile. Slowly I wind it back and surface up is this nice queenie. I grab hold of my leader and haul it up. The fish is later fillet out for my future fish n chip meal.

Post Labour Day award

Date: 02-05-2021 Time: 0130 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft Reel: Daiwa BG 40 Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh squid

Jamie Baba got his award when the tide start to turn down and current picking up. His reel alarm sounded but his is not near there. I had to strike the rod for him, confirm a hookup then past back to him. The fish struggle hard with the help of the current flow and gave him some workout before surface up. I gaff it up. It was a 5kg male brown stingray.

Friends Pre holiday catches

Date: 30-04-2021

Young angler Ah Tee landed his first stingray on his new Penn slammer rod last night. Bait is a small fresh cuttle fish on a long snood bottom feeder rig. With the help of Daniel and Simon, the 10kg male brown stingray eventually lost the fight and I gaff it up.

Later stage, Ah An got his Shimano Torium reel screaming when this 3kg marine cat fish took his bait. Johnny Chia strike for him when he is not around. Bernard Tan help to haul it up by grabbing the leader line.

Nurse Shark

Date: 28-04-2021 Time: 2200 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: CTS 12000 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder

Bait: Defrost Green eye squid strip.

Reach there before last light so quickly go jig for fresh bait. Hardly any except some baby kunning. No choice as I only bring half of a green eye squid which is balance of previous night bait.

Tide already turning up and current picking up. Bait was lasting initially but when water was three quarter up the sea lice start to have dinner.

Around 9.30pm I start to use the squid strip on my spinning set. First strip was gone with fifteen minute. I change down the second and last one. At 10pm I decide to check on it. Pump the rod and it was heavy at the end. Thought it could be rubbish as no other feeling at all. When surface it turn out to be a Nurse shark around 2-3kg. I grab hold of my leader and haul it up. Quickly photos was taken and I decided to released it.

Mangrove Jack

Date: 31-03-2021 Time: 2100 hrs Rod: Penn PowerStick 10 ft. Reel: Reelsking 10000

Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh big Tamban(herring)

Another weekday short trip. Two sets of Fixed spool tackles with bottom feeder rig. Tide was going down went I started

Bait initially was not lasting as I use frozen tamban. Before sunset I only able to jig two big tamban.

When tide turn, I quickly change to the two fresh tamban. Fifteen minute later I go and check my line that I notice one line a bit slack. I decide to wind up and check. I pump the rod and feel some weight at the end follow by little struggle. I know I got a small hookup. Slowly I wind back. Midway, this fellow decide to make a run. It cause the reel to screech which alarm one of my friend who standing nearby to ask me is it a hook up.

When surface it was a table size Mangrove Jack around 500g. I use my rod to lift it up.

Shovelnose Shark

Date: 29-03-2021 Time: 1945 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9.6ft Brown Reel: CTS 12000 Spinning

Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Small Frozen Cuttle Fish on a size 6/0 SS hook

Weekday went for a short trip. I now use two sets of cheap fixed spool reel and put my multiplier reel to rest for awhile. I wanted to test out how good is this China make reel. So far so good.

Tide had just started to turn up. Current flow is slow. I had just change to a cuttle fish bait awhile ago. I was searching for squid below my lamp when I heard my reel start screaming. The rod tip was bend and line is running out at high speed from the spool. Rush over, pickup the rod and strike hard. Yes, fish on….Fish keep stripping line..I tighten my drag more. It stop and turn right…go again running….no no…this is not stingray…suspect could be a shovelnose shark.

I turn cautious. Water level is low. Must be very careful if it is a shovelnose. It can easily go under the jetty and cut the line if I careless. I decide to put more pressure on the fish and keep the fight shorten. Even with this, it still put up a very strong fight. It manage to swim inward toward the shore. I had to get my rod pass a jetty lamp post to continue control the fish. At one stage it almost wanted to go under. I press my spool and pump the rod hard to surface it. Yes…shovelnose good size now surface on the water. I steer my rod tip to bring it closer to the jetty.

By now four youngster who was here already got my gaff ready. First gaff caught it just near to the mouth. A angler there bring in his triple hook gaff and hook it just below it left fin. I get a youngster to hold the rod and I bring in the third gaff which I gaff it on the right fin. We slowly lift it up. A quick photo taking and we released it back. Thanks to the four youngster who offer to help.

Estimate 28kg Shovelnose Shark.
Compare it to the jetty stone bench.
The four youngster who help to bring it up.
The fixed spool reel and rod that land it.