Hard work rewarded.

Date: 13/01/2023

We fish together last night. But I and another two left at 0300 am this morning. Left both of them continue…

Ohno got his 800 grouper around 5am on his surf rod. Simon Yeo found his parrot fish at the home ground.


Date: 06-01-2023

Friend Wong Poh caught this almost 500g grouper with handline last night at the grouper residential area beside we were caught off guard by a sudden passing shower.

My First Fish for Year 2023

Date: 05-01-2023. Time: 2315 hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Reel: EA 12000 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Night Herring.

Went for a short night trip just to fish on the up coming tide. As I went after sun set, I had to jig for the night herring as bait instead of the day type.

Current was strong tonight due to the full moon. Bait was lasting. It was already almost full tide and I had started to pack up my squid lamp when i heard my reel sounded. I grab hold of the rod n strike hard…Yes..fish on. After few pumping, i am gaining line. The fish struggle along the way back n i got the feeling of a cat fish at end of the line. True enough, it surface up and it was a rare golden cat fish instead of the normal marine cat fish. My friend Jumbo Li help me to hold the rod while I grab for the rope gaff. It weight 4.2kg. I released it back after photo taking n it swim away very fast.


Date: 30-12-2022. Time: 2045 hrs. Bait: Defrost squid.

Year 2022 is coming to the end. Simon Yeo and me decide to catch our last fish for the year.

He succeeded and got this 1.2kg Threadfin Salmon. As the downtide current flow were strong, the fish took his squid bait and went unnoticed. Its only when I saw his line gone with the flow of the current that i told him to check. Eventually he wind in the fish and use his rod to haul it up.

Hat trick catch

Date: 12-11-2022

Friend Wong Poh caught two grouper on a handline with frozen squid as bait. The bigger one is 1.6kg. Later in the night, he caught a 1.3kg sweet lip aka kaci fish on his Penn Slammer surf rod pair with a Abu 7000 multiplier reel and fresh squid as bait on a bottom feeder rig. A good catch beside the daily raining season.

Small Queenie

Date: 27-10-2022. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft spin Reel: Silstar AT80. Rig: Cable car. Bait:Live Tamban

Went for a short day trip today after few days of raining. Tide was about to full. Caught this queenie by a surface rig with live tamban as bait.

1.7kg Grouper

Date: 15-10-2022. Tackle: Medium Spinning set. Rig: Long snood bottom feeder. Bait: Live prawn.

Simon Yeo had been very hard working every weekend. His persistent pay off. Beside the choppy water today cause by the strong westerly wind, he hookup this grouper from the bottom below jetty.

Long Tail Brown Stingray

Date: 01-10-2022. Time: 0900hrs. Rod: Daiwa 12ft 3pcs joint. Reel: Spinning. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban.

Friends Simon Yeo hookup this 26kg long tail brown stingray this morning. The fish gave him a good workout for awhile before he manage to bring it surface. With some friends help, the fish was gaff n bring up. This fish is up to now the biggest that have hookup at Bedok jetty for this year. Just another three month to go before the year end. Hope more will come.

3.9kg Threadfin Salmon

Date: 27/09/2022. Time:1910hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: CTS 12000. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban.

Suppose to go on this morning trip, but last minute decided to go on the evening as yesterday trip was not fruitful. Haha..

Reach there quickly set up two tackles set and cast out with frozen tamban as bait. Then I start to jig for fresh bait. It was end of down tide and the current still haven’t change direction. At this period of time fresh bait was very difficult to jig. With some hard work, I manage to caught just seven of it.

When tide turn up, i quickly change to fresh bait. I was eating my pack of dinner when i saw my rod tip rattle. I stop my dinner and grab hold of the rod and strike hard. Yes, fish on. Feeling not very big but has some fight at the line end. I slowly wind back and it did some struggle along the way. When it surface, i was no surprise as i had the feeling it could be this fish. I ask a young angler there to grab hold my landing net and lower it down to the water surface. I drag the fish into the net and he pull it up.

The landing net.