Big Fingermark Snapper on light tackle…


Date: 23-01-05    Time: 0130am.    Rod: Loomis n Franklin Classic 12ft.   Reel: Abu sport rocket 6500    Line: 20lbs mono.    Rig: Single hook short snood bottom feeder.    Bait: Cut squid.

After two night at the jetty without any catch, decide to go to this spot to try out. Reach there around 9pm n set up two rod with short snood single hook bottom feeder rig. Tide was already midway up n current was good. Around 1130pm, saw one rod tip have alittle rattle n decide to check. Wow! heavy at the end of the line n once in awhile it struggle abit. In my mind thinking it was a conger eel. But when i surface it. Ha..ha.. it was a big puffer fish about 3kg plus. It swallow my hook deeply n I can’t unhook it. No choice, I released it along with the hook. By now the weather is getting cooler n windy. Thinking that tonight might not get any good fish , i already thought of packing up early. Then come 0130am. While looking up on my rod, suddenly i saw the rod on my right side bend down badly. I manage to grab hold of it before my reel alarm goes off. Strike! n yes. I can feel its something good there. This fellow move n turn fast. It take my light surf tackle to it maximum. After a few deep dive n fast turn, I manage to surface it. Yes, it the one that I have been targeting for a long time. Big fingermark snapper. It was too heavy for my rod to flip it up. So I tired it out n use my hand to pull it in with my main line. It weighs around 2kg plus n my personal record on fingermark snapper is still stand at 3kg.(See catch photo above)

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