Queenfish on the last day of the year of Monkey


Date: 08-02-05   Time: 8am to 11am.

Today is the last day of the year of monkey according to chinese calender. Tomorrow will be a new year of the rooster. I was on holiday today n decided to go for a short trip this morning as the tide is good n early. Reach there around 8am n the tide was already high n the current flow has steady. Quickly set up my tackles n start jigging for live bait. This morning has pleanty of live baits around so getting them is easy. When the tide start to turn down, I got my first strike when my reel alarm sounded. It was a queenie but I lost it when trying to flip it up with my rod. Not long after this another strike come. I lost it again after some fight due to not proper hookup. It already 10am plus n I suppose to packup n headed home to prepare the foods for tonight reunion dinner. But with the lost of two fishes make me determine to carry on. It paid off at 10.30am. One of my reel alarm sound again with the rod tip bend. I strike hard n it is on. I fought carefully this time n make sure I don’t lost it. Without much effort, I bring it up n it was a queenfish about 1.5kg. Very happy as I have caught something on the last day of the year. With my mission completed, I headed home happily to celebrate the lunar new year.(See catch photo on left)

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