Another day of catch with my guest from England


My friend Roger from England was on his fishing holiday here. I pick him up at 7.30am at his hotel and we headed down to the most popular fishing spot here. Tide was coming up and the weather was fine. We both set up two rod each all with live bait on cable car rig. We then take turn to jig for live bait as spare. Today the current flow was faster n after sometime it quite hard to jig for one. Around 11am his Zzipplex bass rod tip bend and its on! Without much effort, he wind in a small queenie. Half n hour later my loomis n franklin rod pair with a Abu sport rocket reel alarm scream. Roger was nearby n he strike it for me before pass back the rod to me to fight the fish. I wind in another queenfish but was slightly bigger in size. Not long after this, Roger Zzipplex bass rod got another hook-up. He wind in his second queenfish about the same size as mine. He was so happy that he can have such a productive trip here. When the tide is full, we decide to pack up so that we can have some rest before tonight trip again. See catch photo on the right.

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