A very productive night.


Date: 21-05-2005 to 22-05-2005    Time: 11.00pm   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.    Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L    Line: 30lbs mono.   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder     Hook: Long Shank size 4/0     Bait: Fresh whole squid

After a evening heavy rain the weather was cool and moist. I was undecided which spot to go. Luckily my friend call up and say it was not crowded at bedok jetty and ask me to joint them. Reach there around 8.30pm and the tide is already at the high. Tonight there is no wind and the water was very calm. Quickly setup everything and casted out the bait.. Suddenly one of my friend reel alarm sounded and he striked. From far I can see his Penn slammer rod bent like hell. Ohh….! this is something big… I went over and saw the fish was stripping out his line. After just awhile it stop and was stuck at the bottom. We take turn to put pressure on it by bending the rod but there was no responed. Oh no, the fish could have been unhook itself during the run and the sinker or hook may have got snag. No choice, we put the rod on a rod stand and wait. Not long after this another of his reel sound and he wind in a 2.8kg barramundi. Then suddenly my rod alarm also have a short scream. I wind in a 2kg+ threadfin salmon. Haha, what a exciting night. But the strike doesn’t stop here. A 1kg+ brown dog shark was caught. He missed another barramundi around 3kg when it went under the jetty. A 1kg+ threadfin salmon was also landed later in the early morning hour. Other anglers there also caught a palmsize fingermark snapper, a big mouth eel type catfish 500g, a 1kg+ puffer fish and a nice size batfish. What a rare productive night here. See my catch at top picture. Photo of the barramundi can be seen at photograph page IV.

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