Line loose with Big Snapper

Date: 23-05-2005    Time: 10.30pm   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn 155 Beachmaster   Line: 25lbs mono.  Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.  Bait: Cut frozen squid    Hook: Long shank size 4/0

Went to BJT around 9pm, It was very windy and crowded due to good weather and a public holiday the next day. Upon seeing this, I decided to fish somewhere else. After some mind sorting, I decided to try out this spot again as it would not be so crowded. After loading everything up onto my mobile home again, I headed down. Reach there around 10pm and set up two rods. One with a long hook snood and another with a short hook snood. Both are on  bottom feeder rig. With only six frozen squid which I bring along(initially thought of fishing at bjt), I cut it into two to save on bait used and casted out. By now the tide has just turn down and the current flow was good. I was sorting out something when I turned my head to look up at the rod tip and saw one of the line gone loose. Quickly I picked up the rod and struck. Ohh…. something heavy at the end of the line but with little struggle. Oh no…while I was winding in the line, my mind was guessing, could it be a conger eel, a tie knot eel, a puffer fish or a big plastic bag???? The feeling was just the same with all this fishes when hooked. The gear ratio on my Penn 155L reel was only 3:1. So it’s abit slow but easy on winding in. When the fish was near to the sea surface, suddenly it make a very deep dive downward. Hoo-ray….. I know the answer. Yes, it’s the one I am targeting for. It made another two deep dive before I was able to surface it. Yes, a golden colour with shimmering shining body fish appeared on the water surface. After comfirming the hook is firmly secured, I used my rod to lift it up as the water is still high. Ya…. A big fingermark snapper about 2kg plus landed. What a blessing in disguise.

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