2kg Fingermark Snapper landed…


Date: 29-05-2005   Time: 0200am   Rod: Loomis n Franklin Big game 12ft.   Reel: Abu 7000 Red   Line: 25lbs mono.   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.  Hook: S/S Long shank size 4/0   Bait: Fresh squid(caught on the night before)

Reach location at around 8pm and the tide was at the lowest. Set up two rod with difference long n short snood bottom feeder rig. Bait casted out was fast disappeared. When the tide started turning up, the current flow was very slow. Nothing happened until the tide started to turn down. The first was when my loomis classic rod tip has a nop and the line went loose. I strike and wind in a small marine catfish. While I was trying to unhook it, suddenly the other rod alarm scream. I throw down my plier and strike the rod. Ho ho.. something good is at the end of my line which I can feel it. It gave quite a good fight on this slim loomis big game rod. This fellow made some deep dive with left n right turn before I able to bring it close in. What a beautiful snapper when it surface on the fast flowing water. As the water is high, I just grip onto my rig body and lift it up. It weigh almost 2kg and is my second snapper within two weekend.

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