My Strategy Worked

Date: 05-06-2005    Time: 10.30am   Rod: Daiwa Long Cast Design 12ft.   Reel: Abu 7000 Red   Line: 25lbs mono.  Rig: Cable car slide down  Bait: Live Herring(Tamban)    Hook: Short shank live bait size 2

Went to BJT yesterday night. Manage to find a place for my rod although very crowded. Casted out two rods on the incoming tide. But bait was very fast disappear within minute. Nothing happen beside constant changing of baits. Around midnight, upon seeing this type of condition, I decide to cut short the trip so as to take some rest and fish at the next morning tide. Reach there around 8am. Tide was coming in and the current flow was nice. Jig for some live herring and set up two rods on cable car rig. About 10am, the sky started to gather some rain cloud and the sea is very choppy due to a strong blowing southern wind. Suddenly one of my rod the alarm gave a short screech and the line became loose. Quickly strike, but nothing on the line. It could be the work of a garfish(todak). Rebait and casted out again. By now the sky started to drizzle. Fifteen minute later the rain stop and the sea is calm again. I started to jig for live bait as spare. Suddenly saw my Daiwa rod tip shake alittle. Decide to check it out. Ho.. ho..ho.. wind in a nice size Wolf herring at the end of my line. Easily use my rod to lift it up. Yap! my decision to cut short yesterday night trip and fish in the morning tide has paid off.

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