Two early morning Fingermark Snapper


Date: 29/30-07-2005    Time: 6.45am   Rod: Loomis n Franklin Big Game 12ft..   Reel: Abu 6500 Sport Rocket   Line: 20lbs mono.  Rig: Short snood bottom feeder  Bait: Fresh Squid    Hook: S/S Long shank size 4/0.

Original plan for tonight trip is to go jetty to get some fresh squid n go somewhere else to hunt for fish. Reach jetty around 7.30pm. It was already crowded at the end part. Manage to found a place n set up my squid lamp n also casted one rod for fishing. Squid was quite rare tonight as there are a few lamps around to share. But with hard work during the low tide period still manage to scoop about ten over pieces. One of my friend come to joint me around 10.30pm so I accompany him until 2am. With no fish bite at the jetty beside fresh squid as bait, I decide to go some fish hunting after I pack up from the jetty. I head down to this spot n reach there around 3.10am. Well, this place still have a few anglers around n I manage to casted out two rods. One is a multiplyier n another a fixed spool. Both on short snood bottom feeder rig as the current is not strong. Bait are all fresh squid. Tide was coming up but there is not action. It was almost 6am in the morning when suddenly I heard my fixed spool rod which I had lean on the railing after casting out has some movement. Immediately I strike the rod n I can feel something big at the end of the line. I fought the fellow for awhile n lost it due to a missed hook. It could be my mistake for leaning just the rod guide on the railing. When the fish took the bait, the rod guide slip n the rod can’t stand firm n move about.. So the hook didn’t set properly. Well just too bad n have to try again. I rebait both rod with fresh bait n casted out. Hard work always have good return. Around 6.40am, my multiplyier reel alarm gave a short screech n I quickly strike. Yes, a nice palm size fingermark snapper at the end of the line. Unhook, rebait n casted out again. Twenty five minute later the same reel screech again. Same another fingermark snapper landed. Both are about the same size. By now it already day break n I am very satisfy with the result. I pack up when those daytime anglers start to arrived.

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