Fingermark Snapper Again

Date: 07-08-2005   Time: 3.15am    Rod: Daiwa Long Cast Design 12ft.    Reel: Abu 7000 Red Classic    Line: 25lbs mono   Rig: Single hook short snood bottom feeder.   Bait: Frozen squid     Hook: S/S Long shank 4/0

After some good rest on yesterday afternoon. I headed down to this spot and reach there around 7.30pm. It was not crowded as the water is low n just turning up. Notice that there is some sea dredging work carried on throughout the night not far away from this spot. I set up two rods with short snood bottom feeder rig. Bait was frozen squid. No action at all up to the full tide around 12am. When it start to turn down, my daiwa rod tip has some rattle. I wind in and a small kuku fish was hook. Unhook n release it. Around 2am, again this rod tip shake. Wind in a small tie knot eel. Water cold ? or water affected by the dredging work as now the current is flowing this way. 3am, still no bite. Thought of calling it off. Was winding back my loomis rod when I saw my daiwa rod has a slight bend n the line gone loose. Quickly stop winding n put the loomis rod back on the rod stand. Strike my daiwa rod n yes! I can feel something good at the end of my line. It make some deep dive before I can surface it. Ya, a nice size fingermark snapper n I used my rod to lift it up. Mission accomplish! Haha….


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