A nonstop raining night with some action

Date: 02/03-12-2005      Time: 9.30pm to 3am.

Our plan was to fish the few hour before n after full tide. Pickup my two buddy “P” n “C” around 9pm. We headed down to this breakwater stone. On the way there, see some lightning flash over the skyline. We reach there about 9.30pm n the sky there was clear. Happily setup all our tackles n casted out. Haha, by the time we finish setting up, the sky started to change. Drizzle come n follow by gusty wind than down pour. No choice, umbralla n ground sheet was put to use. “P” was hiding under his ground sheet when suddenly his Abu 9000 reel alarm sound. Haha.. have to come out to strike. Fight half way see the fish jump out of the water surface n was missed hook. :complain: Haha.. all wet by now. Wow! this type of weather got fish bite? :confuse:  Work harder :clap: By now the gusty wind has stop but still drizzling non stop. Half n hour later, “P” baitcaster rod has a bite. He strike n wind in this palm size Yellow stripe.


With this it gave us more confident. About one hour later, “P” found his baitcaster rod the line gone loose. He strike n yes it is a hook up. The fish was big n take out his 10lbs line. The fish seem to move toward the water surface on it run but didn’t surface. Due to it hard fight n light line, the fighting was prolong. The fish is the final winner due to hook line break. Upon checking, about 4 inches of the hook line was badly damage. :bang:
Almost 2am, rain still didn’t stop. “P” heard a short screech of alarm. He found out one of “C” rod the line gone loose n was flowing along with the current. He strike but got snag. :complain: After sometime trying to get off the snag, he pull the line broke. :bang:
Haha…what a wonderful raining night for us. Fully drench but we were smiling on our way home around 3am.

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