Date: 16-12-2005    Time: 8pm to 2am.

When I left home yesterday night around 7.30pm, the sky was full of rain cloud. Decided not to go bedok jetty which is my regular place on most friday night. Instead, I headed to a breakwater stone which nearby there is shelter for take cover if it rain. Tide is coming in n water is nice n clear. Casted out two rod with bottom feeder rig. Bait initially was not lasting but turn better when the water is higher. Around 10.30pm, I heard my Shimano 400S reel alarm sounded n the Loomis Big Game rod is bending. I rush forward to strike. Yes, heavy initially but it turn lighter n lighter when I reel in. Haha.. it was a small barracuda at the end of the line swimming toward my direction. Comfirm it’s safe, I use my rod to lift it up. It has swallow my hook deep in the throat n can’t be release.


It also turn out to be the only action of the night. After tide turn down, there is no current flow at all n I packup around 2am.


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