my trip 14-01-06 night

Went back to the breakwater stone I fish on friday night. It was already 9pm when I reach there. Tide is coming in but water there is still shallow. Casted out two rods with a short n another long snood rig. Bait was some yesterday night left over squid n a packet of sarong which was given to me by a angler who can’t finish it on saturday morning. As the water is still low, both rig all I used sarong as bait. Ten mimute after I casted out, I got the first bite. It was from my Daiwa rod n I wind in this silver bream.

After this there is no more action. The weather become more windy n water is abit choppy when the wsilverbreamater is high. I fish until 1am n decide to packup so that can take some rest.

This morning went to BJt around 8.30am. I used two rod with cable car rig. Around 10am my loomis rod tip has a bend n the reel alarm sound. A queenie took my live bait n make a acrobatic jump. It manage to unhook before I reach my rod to strike.  Fish for another hour before I call it off when the sun is too hot.


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