A night with some action

Date: 13-01-06

After so many days of raining, today finally there is sunny. I reach home quite late as have lots of work to do before the lunar new year holiday. By the time I am ready, it was already 8.30pm. Decided not to go to jetty as the squid season is over. Instead I headed to a breakwater stone at east coast. My last fishing here is about a year back. Tide was already mid way up n water was calm. Tonight the moon was also big n bright. I quickly casted out two rod. One with a short n the other with a long snood bottom feeder. Bait was frozen squid. Around 10.30pm, my loomis rod got the first bite. It was shaking n I pickup to strike. Something heavy but no struggle. Haha.. winding in a eel.


it was coiling onto my rig. Quickly unhook n release it after photo taking.
Half n hour later the same rod got another bite. It bend down once n bounce back. Strike n wind it a eel tail catfish(similang).


The water could be still cold due to the past one week raining.
Passed this catfish to a malay angler nearby.
By now it was about 12am n the tide is about to full. I was checking on the rod when I saw my Daiwa long cast rod got a rattle. I decide to wind in to check when I notice a small barracuda was hook. After photo taking, I release it back.


After the tide turn down, no more action n I decide to packup as I was a bit tired after a busy working day. After all not so bad on tonight trip as at least have some action.

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