Brown Dog Shark


Date: 17-06-2005   Time:10.45pm    Rod: SureCatch Pro Beach 13ft.    Reel: Penn 500L Jigmaster    Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Single hook long snood bottom feeder.   Bait: Frozen squid     Hook: S/S Long shank 4/0

Check with the weather report and it was find at this place. Reach there around 7pm. It was already quite crowded there. Tide was about to full but current flow is slow. Set up to catch squid but none was on sight. Only set up one rod with a bottom feeder rig. Bait was frozen squid. Initial check on the bait show quite lasting. This type of sign show chances of hooking up a fish is great. When the tide turn down, current flow was good but still no sign of any squid. I decide to keep my kerozene lamp and concentrate on the fishing. Just change my bait and casted out. Suddenly saw my line gone loose. Strike and feel some struggle at the end of the line. Initial thought it was a marine cat fish. When it surface, it was a brown dog shark about near to two kilo. On seeing it not so big, I just use my rod to lift it up. Nothing happen after this and I packed up around 2am.

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