Marine Catfish

Date: 25-11-2006  Time: 1am   Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn Jignaster 500L     Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: Squid

Caught this marine catfish when the tide was about to full. It took my bait n cause my reel alarm to have a little sound. There is another two rod beside mine n they rush to strike thinking that it was their’s reel alarm sound. Haha…. it turn out to be mine when I went over to take alook as I was busy catching squid. I gave my rod a hard strike when I saw my line has move side way. It get snag immediately n in my mind thought was a big monster ray which normally suck on the seabed when they catches a bait. Try a few hard pumping with my rod but is just don’t move. No choice I rest my rod n release my main line alittle hoping with less tension the fish will make a move so that I have a chance to pump it up.

By now there is already a crowd of anglers gather around waiting to see the fish. I told them if the fish can make a little move I will be able to get it up. If it don’t then there is no much choice. True enough, five minute later, I saw my rod tip has bend down n without hesitation I strike hard n pump up. Yes, it is free n leaving no chance I wind it all the way back. Haha… it turn out to be just a marine catfish near to 2kg. Think the reason for snagging was it could be my grip sinker was pull by the fish n got snag somewhere. After I release the tension of the line, It gave the fish to have a chance to move n at the sametime it free up my sinker also.


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