Double Spike Brown Stingray

Date: 28-10-2006   Time: 0215am   Rod: Daiwa Sumurai Surf 12ft.   Reel: Penn 155L Beachmaster.  Line: Braided 30lbs.   Rig: Short snood bottom feeder   Hook: S/S short shank Live bait size 2/0   Bait: Fresh small squid.

As usual went to the jetty every friday night to catch squid n fishing. Reach there around 7.30pm. Tide was at the bottom end. No current at all. Now aday I only set up one rod as too busy if the squid is around. Initial bait was frozen tamban. But whatever cast down was finish off within minute. Tide started to turn up around 8.30pm but current was slow. It was until about 12am mid night then the current start to move faster n the bait was more lasting. Seeing this, I decided to change on the fresh squid. First two squid gone without action. I change the third one around 2am. Fifteen minute later my reel alarm has a short scream. I went for the rod n the alarm start to scream again. Pickup n strike. Yes…heavy at the end. It make one deep dive n relax. At one point I thought it has missed hook as my rod tip gone light without tension. But actually the fish was swimming in toward my direction. On notice this, I crank my reel handle like mad trying to catch up with the fish before it went under the jetty. Luckily manage to catch up with it n by the time its near the jetty it already surface up. One of my friend use his rope gaff to bring it up for me. It was a male brown ray with two spike. My hook was deeply hook inside the throat. It weigh at 4kg. The fish was later cut up n given out to few guys.


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