Lizard Shark

Date: 17-07-2006   Time: 8 to 11pm.   Rod: Daiwa longcast 12ft.   Reel: Penn 155L Beachmaster.   Line: 30lbs Braided line    Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: Strip of green eye(chay mak)

Went to search for squid. Only catch a handful as the tide is near the bottom n current has already slow down. But lucky there is no wind. Around 9pm saw my rod tip a bit shaking n went to strike it. Something heavy at the end but it keep me guessing when winding back. It turn out to be a lizard shark slightly more than 0.5kg. This was my first cast n the bait was a left over green eye strip from last friday night which I has prepare ready for a cast but never use it. I bring it back n keep in the freezer for future use. Haha…


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