Another Queenfish Today

Date: 16-07-2006 Time: 3.30pm Rod: Loomis n Franklin Big Game 12ft. Reel: Shimano Calcutta 400S Line: 20lbs mono Rig: Long snood bottom feeder. Bait: Dead Tamban.

Skip yesterday night trip as the wind is too strong n sea is choppy. Choose to fish at daytime as it not so windy. Reach there around 10am. The tide has already incoming n the current was smooth. Missed my first one around 12pm when it took the bait on my cable car rig but the line gone loose. By the time I strike it already gone.

Half an hour later lost another one on the same method. Think over it could be the on coming wind that cause it. Reason is when the fish took the bait, my sinker will move n my main line will curve n loosen due to the wind blow. So there is no tension to help set the hook.

Decide to change rig n do bottom fishing instead. I use a long snood bottom feeder rig but I push my hook line high up to about 2ft above the sinker instead of the normal 6 inches. Reason is queenie will go bottom but not to the seabed as like the ray. I have use this method long ago before I start the cable car rig.

Haha… It finally work the third time…when my alarm goes off… I strike n yes hookup..the fish do a acrobatic jump n heading toward my right. To avoid entanglement, I use my rod to steer it back to my side as there is few rod there. As now the water is high, I play to weaken it n grab hold of my leader n lifted it up. Estimate about 2kg plus in weight.


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