Bull strength win ??? NO.

Bedok jetty 24-02-2007 night. It was very crowded. Manage to squeeze in a spot on the right side to catch squid. Setup a tackle set n casted out also. Current was slow so not much crossing line problem. About 10pm, on the left side Raymond has landed a brown male ray about 5.8kg. I was asking around who’s one next. Will our right side caught one too. Half n hour later a rod beside me the alarm went out. The owner came n strike it. Saw him keep on pumping his rod even when the fish was taking line out. He has just into big game fishing for about one over year. Ever saw him lost some monster before because of using bull strenght to pump none stop n ended with line burst. Since this happen just beside me, decided to help him. I told him not to pump his rod when the fish took the line. He seem to listen n it look good that he is in control. I went to wind in my line so it will be more space for him to play the fish. When I am back I ask him is the fish off the seabed n he answer “yes”. Every thing was looking good n even the gaff was also ready. But when the fish wanted to run again, I saw his rod was fully bend n seem his line is under very tight tension. I ask him is his drag too tight n he say “no”. But within minute, the main line just burst off n the fish was gone. It obvious he has over tighten his drag while fighting the fish. What a waste…It seem he has not yet learn his lesson n our side lost a chance to break even with the left side.

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