Pay the price for Stubborness

This morning went to bedok jetty again. The front part of the T junction was full with rods erected. No choice have to go the the left side which is empty. Set up my two sets of tackle n casted out. Manage to jig for some tamban. There are another three anglers near me. “Four eye”, Vincent n Eric was fishing over night. The water was at the downtide ending…”Four eye” line was cut by puffer fish. He complain of no more ready make rangoong to use. I decide to help him n took his 120lbs mono handline n tie a set of long snood bottom feeder rig for him. He quickly use it n casted down. Not long after this I notice his rod tip shaking n inform him. He thought that we are making fun of him n refuse to respond. By the time he saw his rod bend, the fish already make a acrobatic jump on the water surface. He strike….manage to bring the fish under control n bring it nearer to the jetty..My gaff was already ready on standby. But when the fish about to surface, it manage to unhook n swim away….hahaha… he pay the price of not respond earlier…he strike when the fish was jumping n the hook could be not properly set in.

Half n hour later…a telescopic rod which was erected no far away from us got a hookup. The owner was far away jigging for tamban. The rod bend into a U shape.. n line was running out.. I got no chioce but have to strike for him. After striking than I realise that the spool only left a few turn of line left…By this time the owner has come over. I passed him his rod. He manage to gave a few pump to retrieve some line but half way his line just gone loose. After winding back, he notice his hook has snap. I take alook at his hook n saw it was badly rusty. No wonder it can snap. The owner insist that he was using new hook.. hahaha….maybe the water at bedok jetty is too salty that even new hook that has casted down will turn rusty immediatly. Yup, U paid the price for stubborness.

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