Fishes also love “Roti Prata”

December 2000, labrador park new jetty just open about one month ago. I was among the first few to fish at the place. At that time, most anglers fish there only know how to target half beak or small gar fish with float. Didn’t see any one jig for tamban. Me n my buddy Chuan was the first few to used tamban jig over there. When those angler saw how easy we catch, the next day everyone follow. haha…We have a friend who stay at bukit merah n was riding a motor bike. When he know that we are fishing over there during the night, after his work, he will visit us n buy us roti prata for supper. On one of our over night trip the following morning, we have run out of bait. Desprate, Chuan just get some left over roti prata n hook it up on his handline hook then lower it down below the jetty pillar. We were busy jigging around hoping to get some bait fish. Suddenly, “PONG” his handline fly up into the air….with natural respond, Chuan quickly went to salvage the handline spool. I shouted at him to grab the line…. He make a big mistake….he should immediately grab the line instead of  going after the spool. By the time he realise, its already too late….The fish has gone under the jetty n the 50lbs hook snood was cut. I look at him n he look at me….What the hell ???? Roti Prata the fish also take ?????Hahahahaha……now we know there is a new type of bait.

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