Squat until next morning

We were fishing on top of a breakwater stone near to the Changi beam. This beam provided the guide line for boat not to get too close to the corner of now changi naval base. At that time this place was just empty reclaimed land. That night only me n my buddy Pau both of us was fishing. Around 9pm something, we encounter a school of big marine catfish taking our bait. One after another rods all got hookup. U can hear the alarm keep on screaming one after another. This 5 to 6kg fishes is not welcome by us as it will just open the mouth wide n let U wind in the line. It’s quite heavy at the end of the line. If we not careful, our sinker might get snag at the rocky edge of this breakwater stone. Another reason is it tend to have a heavy rain after this fishes was caught. It already happened a few time before n tonight might happen again. True enough, the rain start to fall not long after this. It was so heavy that the whole breakwater was flooded. As the place was open area, we only have a canvas to cover our head. The floor was uneven n flooded, so sitting down mean getting the pant wet. The rain didn’t stop the whole night. We only had one choice, squat until the next morning when the rain stop n we packup.

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