Lunar New year gift

Date: 20-02=2007  Time: 10am   Rod: ATC Pro Beach 13ft   Reel: Penn 500L Jigmaster   Line: 30lbs mono  Rig: Long snood bottom feeder   Bait: Fresh dead tamban

After three days of eating n drinking, early morning headed down to the jetty hopefully for some workout. After setting up my tackle, manage to jig for some tamban as bait. Tide was coiming up with fast current but the sea was calm. Bait was very lasting. One of my friend Chuan join me awhile later. Around 10am, saw my rod the tip shake a bit. When over to watch n as the line started to move, I strike. Yes, heavy at the end but got snag after awhile. Can feel the fish is struggling but my grip sinker got stuck. Decide to release some line for the fish to move. Yup, after awhile, my sinker was free. I gave a hard pump n it is off the sea bed. Not very big so it was easy to wind back. It surface n saw it was a marine catfish about 1.5kg. Used my rod to lift it up. Hahaha…lunar new year present from the sea dragon king.


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