Rushing to the Hospital at middle of the night.

This happened just a few days after the New Changi Hospital was open. Me n my team mate n another guy Fatty went to the Hundyai reclaimed land for fishing. This place has a big reservoir which inside has lots of big n small fishes. There is a high ground opening link to the sea. If the tide is above 2.6m, the water will be able to flow into this big pond during incoming tide n flow out during out going tide. If the tide is lower than that, the water in this big pond is stagnant. If there is a night incoming tide n water flowing in, at the opening part, big red legged prawn up to five inches long will also follow the current n swim into the pond. This secret is not known to many except some regular there. The water at this opening part is only about  one feet deep. U can catch them easily by using a torch to shine on this crystal clear water n search for them. Their two big eye is red color under light n U can use your bare hand just to grab it. Another way is to use cast net. We ever catch up to few kilo on a single trip. For this trip, Pau n Fatty was assigned to do the net casting while me n Hwee was to watch over the fishing rod. Around 1am plus, Pau come over to inform me that Fatty was stung by a white strip eel type catfish on the feet n was very painful. Fatty was stubborn when he netted this catfish n didn’t throw it far away. Instead he just put it aside n accidentally step on it. On seeing his pain, I decided to fetch him to the hospital. Leaving Pau n Hwee there to do the fishing. We reach this new hospital around 2am plus n Fatty was given a jap that cost him $60 dollar. Haha….After this we went back to the spot. As Fatty was driving, the pain was quite bad n he told me he can’t drive now. No choice, we had to stay there until the next morning. He rested until 11am when the pain is better then get up. Pau accompany him while I fetch Hwee back.

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