On the spot operation.

On one of my fishing trip to the breakwater of now changi naval base, I accidentally got a hook embedded onto my.leg at the part behind the knee. Still remember it happen in the morning after a over night trip. I was retrieving the line n the sinker got snag among the stone just below the water. I gave the rod a few hard lift n the sinker was out n fly toward my direction. The hook just come straight on me n it was in. Upon seeing the wound, I know I need a operation to take it out as the barb is already inside the fresh. We didn’t bring any steel cutter with us. That place was deserted n only me n my two team mate around. I am the only one driving so its not possible to come out n get help. I decide to do the operation myself. I learn about this medical thing during my 14 years service with the army special forces. I ask one of my team member to go to my car n pickup a new pen knife blade. I burn it with a lighter to sterilize it. One of my hand sqeeze very tightly on both side of the wound so that to numb the area. I took the pen knife n cut a small opening on the spot the hook barb is n bring it out. While I was doing this, my two team mate just look stun. Haha…they just don’t believe I do this to myself. After this I pour some green grass oil on the wound n cover it with a plaster. Haha… it is painful…but after about fifteen minute rest, I am already doing my fishing again..

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