The midnight hairy thing.

Still remember one of the year before 2000. I went alone to the now changi naval base wharf to fish as my team mate are all busy. The place was about to start the building for the navy n some construction equitment has already arrived. It was already passed mid night n the weather is cold. There is a very strong wind blowing endlessly. I was tired by now n decided to take a rest. i place a ground sheet n sleep on it with my back pack as pillow. Cover my self with another canvas. Half way through my sleep, I feel something hairy rubbing againts my face n neck. I got shock n immediatly use my hand to brush it away. Quickly sit up n look….hahaha….I saw three doggy puppy running away…..Hehe….this are wild puppy dog around there. Think because the weather is cold so they try to take cover under my canvas. Haha… it really gave me a scare of my life….

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