Four anglers, three hour fight n line burst

It happened quite a number of years back, me n my team went to a breakwater stone at east coast for a overnight trip. Nothing much on that night except some small fishes. It was already early morning but the sun haven’t rise. We change our bait n went to rest. 6.20am suddenly one of my team mate reel  alarm was screaming. It was Hwee rod n Pau was the one laying close to it.. He immediatly pick up the rod n strike…Wow!…line keep on running out.. He fought it for about fifteen minute n yet we still can’t see the fish…I took over….another ten to fifteen minute gone n the fish was still fighting strong…We know that it was a big ray but it just refuse to surface…It didn’t really run much except the initially run but when we manage to gain some line in, it will strip it out again. This thing has been repeating again n again. Then it was Chwee turn to fight n follow by Hwee the rod owner..After that Pau take it over again…We keep on rotate to take turn to put pressure on the monster but just can’t able to bring it up. The rod was test to the maximun n the line also. Two over hour gone n still the fish fight on. Into the third hour, four of us was already shaken. We were hungry , tired as lack of sleep. That place was deserted n no others around for help. We decided to team up. That is one holding the rod n another standing infront of the rod with his hand supporting the rod n push up whenever needed to pump. This way the guy holding the rod will not be tired easily. This method help us a bit but didn’t affect the fish. It still fight very strongly whenever some line we gain. At the last minute, we bring it very close n almost surface it but line was cut when it rub again the stone. It was 9.20am when it burst. Exactly three hours. Phew ! what a waste..

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