The Rock n Roll Reel Seat

Few year ago, I went alone to a breakwater stone at east coast for a night fishing. After setup my tackles n casting out the bait, its a waiting game. Nothing to do just look around. I saw a man casting net near the water edge. Not long after this, he walk over to my place with all his barangs. He show me two small sand eel n ask me what fish can be catch with this bait. I told him it the stingray favorite. He told me he didn’t caught any stingray before n don’t know how to go about. I help him to tie a bottom feeder rig n also gave him a hook with wire trace. After he set up his rod n reel, I tie the rig into his mainline n bait up for him. Then I told him to cast out. We sit down n chat along after this. About fifteen minute later, suddenly his rod bend n reel alarm sound. He quickly pick up the rod n strike. Wah! bersar(big in malay) he shouted. I told him to go steady with it. After fighting it for awhile he say he cannot stand it anymore as he never fight such big fish before n ask me to took over the rod. After I took over the rod than I realise it is a ten feet rod. Reel is mediun size spinning reel. But his reel seat is spoilt n everytime you turn the reel handle, the reel will be rocking left n right. On no! I ask him what is the poundage of his line, he reply 20lbs. With the reel rocking n the fish pulling, no choice I have to use my hand to grip tight onto the reel seat n fight the fish. Haha.. what a new way. Luckily the fish not very strong fighter n after sometime with all the hardwork, I manage to bring the fish close to the breakwater n surface it. Wow it a nice stingray. As we don’t have any gaff, I told him to go down slowly to the water edge n use his thumb n index finger to grab onto the fish nose n bring it up. Wow! finally landed. He was so please n keep on saying thankyou to me. I weigh the fish n it tip the scale at 9kg. Phew! exactly the same as his line breaking strenght. Wonderful! n I never forget the rocking reel seat.

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