Catch, buy n released

Ah Hon n Commando went fishing yesterday afternoon. Around 2pm…”Hon” caught a 2kg barracuda with dead tamban as bait. He was trying to unhook it when two lady who was there watching the procedure ask him..”U want to sell the fish ? How much ? Commando over heard it n say loudly…$20.00 dollar. Both lady say “OK” n handed him the money. Madam U need a plastic bag ? Commando ask…”NO“…I don’t need it…the lady said. Here it goes…She took the fish n throw it into the sea. Hon n commando was stun for awhile..”Thankyou madam…come more often” Commando reply….hahaha…”Wow”  This type of lady must be there more often…so we will be very hard working changing the bait.

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