Early morning Gerut or Golden Snapper

Date: 23-03-2007 Time: 0110am Rod: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft. Reel: Penn Jigmaster 500L Line :30lbs mono Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Cuttle fish Hook: S/S long shank size 5/0

Will be on leave today so yesterday night went fishing. Weather was bad in the early evening so delay until 9pm when the sky was clear. Reach jetty T juction but not even a single angler there. haha…great…I have the whole place to play..Quickly setup all my tackles n net for squid catching. Tide was coming up pretty smooth but squid was rare. Manage to catch few small cuttle fish as bait. Bait was lasting tonight n I know I have great chances of hookup one.
Tide was already full n current was about to turn…suddenly I heard my reel has a”Tat” sound. Just a short one. I look at my rod tip but nothing move. Thinking it could be my sinker move by the current…I didn’t strike. Awhile later…I saw my rod tip bend a bit….immediately I pickup the rod n strike…Yes…something at the end of my line..Its no heavy but just struggling a bit. The way it move make me think that it could be a conger eel…while winding back..it struggle all the way..Haha…when I surface it…it turn out to be a nice size golden snapper or gerut. Ya…long time didn’t caught this fish…few year I think…I used my rod to lift it up..It weigh about 800g. Hahaha…the best thing is the hook I used was the one that landed the 25kg Cobia. I bend it back when it was slightly open up n change the steel wire for reused again.


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