Little Queenfish

Date: 19-05-2007   Time: 8.45am   Rod: Daiwa Long cast 12ft.    Reel: Penn 155L Beachmaster   Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Cable car rig   Bait: Live Tamban

Went to catch squid yesterday night. Only manage to caught some as when tide midway up there is a strong surface wind n that cause the squid to take cover. 11.00pm plus the weather change n it started to rain heavily with lightning n thunder. The rain only stop at 2am this morning n I continue to fish until about 3am. Went to take a rest n wakeup around 7.30am. After have a quick breakfast, I headed in to the jetty again. It was quite empty this morning think due to the rain. Setup two rods one for bottom n the other for cable car rig. Manage to jig some live tamban to use. Around 8.45am..the rod that using the cable car rig alarm went off..I was just sitting next to it so I just grab it n strike..A small queenie jump above the water surface..I wind in the line n just use the rod to lift it up..Haha…it is the first fish landed this morning at the jetty. I continue to fish until about 12pm. In between there are other who caught queenie n eel also.


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