Fingermark Snapper

DATE: 02-10-2007     TIME: 10pm     ROD: Penn Slammer 10ft     REEL: Penn Senator 113HLW    LINE: 30lbs mono.    RIG: Long snood bottom feeder     BAIT: Fresh Tamban (Herring)

Finish work early so went for some squid catching. Reach jetty around 6.30pm. Manage to jig for some fresh tamban for bait. Tide was going down with fast current. Casted out my rod and get ready my squid net.

Around 7pm, suddenly my reel has a loud scream n the rod tip bend. But before I reach out for the rod, the tip bounce back and the line slack. Pickup the rod and gave a hard pump but there was no hookup. Seem the fish feel the tension and throw out the hook before I can set it. Well just too bad. Re bait the rod and casted out again.

Did some check and found the bait very lasting. Around 9.30pm, the tide started to turn up. Current was smooth except there is some surface wind blowing. At 10pm, Jerry change his bait and casted out but end up with birdnet on his reel. I went over to take alook. Suddenly my reel alarm sounded again. This time round I react faster and pickup the rod n strike. Hoho… I got it this time. It did some struggle initially but was easily control by my rod. When surface…it was a nice fingermark snapper. I saw it has swallow the hook so I use my rod to lift it up. It weight 900g on the scale. Haha…lost one earlier but gain one later…Who say you can eat without paying.


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