Two Little Cattie

DATE: 26-01-2008   ROD: Penn Powergraph Surf 12ft.   REEL: Penn 500L Jigmaster    LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: Long Snood bottom feeder    BAIT: Frozen Squid.

Went there yesterday night around 8pm. Tide was just started to come up. My plan was to fish at the jetty for the beginning of the current flow. Once the current are too strong, might decide to move inshore to carry on. But the current last night was just nice although at one time the wind was too strong n cold to bear. After my friends Hong n Budgeye left for their home, I decide to stay on.

With that I was awarded with two little marine catfish around 1am plus. A third one was missed hook around 3.15am. I saw my rod tip have a good bend n the line went loose. Quickly put down my another rod n went to strike but was too late. I stay on until 4am n decided to packup for some rest so that I can carry on this morning.


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