Lunar New Year Reel Screaming….

DATE: 09-02-2008    TACKLE: Penn Slammer rod pair with Penn 155L Beachmaster reel. Penn Powergraph Surf rod pair with  Penn 500L Jigmaster reel.   LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: All Cable Car     BAIT: Live Herring(Tamban)

Today is the third day of the lunar new year. Its also my first day of fishing on my annual long holiday. Wake up early this morning n headed down to the jetty. It was not as crowded as I have expected think due to the past two days was holiday so many had already enjoy their fishing.

Tide was just started to coming up. Current was very smooth n ideal. Quickly set up my two set of tackles n casted out with my frozen herring as bait. Went to jig for live herring n set up my cable car rig. After that I start jigging for my fresh bait. Just manage in time to get about over ten pieces before this tamban just disappear when the water was higher.

The first action come around 0930am. I was far away when this gar fish(above) took my bait with a short screech on my reel. A angler saw it n call out “UNCLE UNCLE”. I rush back to strike. Easily wind in this hungry fish as it was hook by two hook on the side of the mounth. I took photo on it n gave the fish to the angler who alert me.

Fifteen minute later my beachmaster reel scream. I pick up to strike but this smart gar fish was fast enough to let go the bait n get away.

About twenty minute later the same reel scream again. I strike but was unable to hook that fellow n it took away my bait without paying. It was another bait stealer.

Now…live bait was very rare…After some hard jigging….I got another one. Quickly rig it on the other rod. The water was high now n about to change direction.

Around 12.30pm, the current has already change direction n getting faster. I was hiding under my umbrella as the sun was very hot. Suddenly my Penn Jigmaster reel scream. Hoho…I run forward to strike. I saw a fish leap out of the water surface….Hahaha….Queenie this time…..Without much effort I wind in this fish. It did a few acrobatic jump along the way. After I saw it was firmly hook, I use my rod to lift it up. A loud applause from the audience greeted me when I landed it. Hahaha… what a luck…Maybe I wear RED today as the chinese alway believe red color will bring good luck during new year….Hehehe….


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