Another Queen to celebrate the year of Rat

DATE: 11-02-2008     TIME: 10.30am     ROD: Penn Slammer 10.6ft     REEL: Penn Beach master 155L    LINE:30lbs mono     RIG: Cable car     BAIT: Live herring(Tamban)

Reach jetty around 7.30am. Chuan already there jigging for tamban. Hong suppose to arrive but still no sign of him. is monday. Most of them have start work already. We almost got the whole jetty for us to play.

Tamban supply was good today. It bite non stop if U are hard working. We manage to get quite a number. Tide n current was very perfect. Between 8.00am to 9.00am I have three times of reel alarm sounded but were all done by the the gaf fish who eat n without paying.

It was only around 10.30am when I was taking my breakfast that I saw my Penn slammer rod tip have alittle shake follow by a fish jumping on the water surface. With the bread biting in my mounth, I pick up my rod n strike. Yes….a queenie was tagging along my line when I wind back. I use the rod to swing it up as it was just around a kilo size.

After this the current was at full swing n everything was quiet down. We fish until around 2.30pm when Chuan has two missed also. Same thing it was the job of the todak who always snatch the live bait while it was struggling.


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