New Personal Record for Grouper from Shore

DATE: 16-02-2008     TIME: 0915hrs.    ROD: Penn Slammer 10.6ft      REEL: Abu 7000 Red     LINE: 25lbs with shock leader      RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Frozen Herring(Tamban)

From 2.0kg at Hundyai beach to 2.2kg at Tanah Merah breakwater to 2.5kg at bedok jetty. This is how I re-write my grouper record on surf from the shore.

Went there yesterday night. It was very windy. Setup my two rods with frozen tamban as bait. No action at all beside a nice flow current tide. Spend most of the time looking for squid n only manage to caught a few. Packup around 1am to have some rest.

Headed back to the jetty at 0700hrs this morning. Very crowded at the end part. The downtide current was strong. Line casted out are all at 45% angle. Manage to squeeze in one rod n casted out. Went to jig for tamban but hardly get it. An hour later a overnight guy decided to packup. I took over his place n setup another rod. Again went to jig for tamban. Halfway through I heard my Abu 7000 reel alarm has a short screech. My Slammer rod tip was shaking while I grab it to strike. YES….heavy at the end of the line but no struggling sign of a hook fish. I keep on winding back the line but no feeling at all except heavy load. My mind thought it could be a Puffer. Hahaha…when it surface…WOW….a nice big spotted grouper…..Hahaha…from the look at the size….I know I have broke my personal best. A gaff was use to bring it up with the help of the guy who had packup. I wonder how he feel ?? hehehe…The fish hit the scale at 2.5kg.


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