The Silent Eater

DATE: 22-09-2008      TIME: 9.45pm        ROD: Penn Power Stick 10ft       REEL: Penn Beach Master 155L      LINE: 30lbs mono      RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       BAIT: Whole Night Herring (Tua Bak)

It was already near the end of the down tide. Still had some current moving. Bait was so lasting tonight but I decided to change a fresh squid instead. Gave the rod a hard pump as usual but it was very heavy at the end of the line. Thought it has snag up some seaweed as this few days there are many floating on the sea surface. When I reel in something was splashing water on the surface. It turn out to be a long conger eel was struggling along. It seem this fellow has swallow my whole night herring quietly without making any notice on the rod and line.  I ask my friend to use hand to pull it up the jetty as it was too heavy to liftup by the rod. It weight 3.1kg on the scale.


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