Shovel Nose Shark

DATE: 26-10-2008      TIME: 0100am       ROD: Penn Power Stick 10ft.      REEL: Penn Jigmaster 500L       LINE: 30lbs mono      RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      BAIT: Fresh Tamban

As usual on a saturday night. Headed down to the jetty with my full battle order. Tide was already mid way up and current was smooth. Not very crowded as compare with other weekend. Set up the tackle and casted out. Bait was lasting and it gave great chances of a hookup.

Night fall and started to search for squid. Manage to caught some when the tide is about to full and it started turn down. After that it was totally none. Did used two fresh squid as bait hopefully have a better chance of a hookup but it turn out not lasting at all when checked.

Sometime near to mid night decide to change back to tamban as bait as it is more lasting. Some of my friends already started to packup and go home. Decide to stay for another hour plus as the water is very perfect.

Almost 1 am, I was quite tired by now as I had already standing for about 6 hours beside fishing on friday night and saturday morning also. Decide to packup and go for some rest. Pull up my squid light and dismatle my squid net. Suddenly, I heard my reel has two light screech. Look around thought some one has entangle my line but it turn out none. Quickly go for the rod and strike. Zzzzzzzzizizizi…the line went out. Hoho….I hookup a ray I thought. It stop and I pump my rod. Zzzzizizi……it went again. Ha….quite good size I told myself. It stop I pump again. Then it turn toward my left with fast pace. Ohh…..seem not like a ray. My mind change….it could be a shovelnose shark I told my friend who come over to look and help.

Very lucky tonight not much small rods around so those rods on my left also very understanding and they had already wind back their line for me to to move over. The fish was fast. I had to run over the left inorder to catchup with it. At the left end I manage to gain quite a distance of line back. It move in and out and down for about three time before I able to fully control it near to the surface but still with some struggle around. A friend pole gaff was too short as the water was quite low by now. Another rope gaff was in standby but I told them to hold on first as the fish still not very steady.

After awhile I see the fish is totally out of steam that I bring it near for the rope gaff to go down. Once hook, I told him to pull high enough for the pole gaff to sink in. With both gaff in, it was safely bring up. It hit the scale at 13kg and become the new record fish landed there for this year. Many photos was taken by viewer and I later cut it out and gave to those who had help me landed it. A big thankyou for the helping.


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