10kg Wild Barramundi

DATE: 02-11-2008    TIME: 00.30am      ROD: Penn Inxs Groundcast 13ft.     REEL: Daiwa LD50      LINE: 30lbs mono     RIG: Two hook short snood bottom feeder      BAIT: Live prawn

Hong has not target this fish for quite long. He has already landed 19 there and are looking for his number 20. This early morning he did it again. It all happen when Ah Dam who also targeting this fish has a hookup. He was a distance away when it happen. Running over to grab his rod and pump was a bit too late. The fish manage to snap the line and break free but not for long. Hong who was also around notice his rod has some movement. He grab his rod n pump…YES…it on….Haha….the fish break free but has entangle Hong line. With some hard dive n turn, the fish is brought to the surface where a landing net is waiting. Without much effort it was bring up to the jetty. Wow…..all the crowd has gather to see this 10kg wild monster….haha…but not for long….the crowd change direction to another end of the jetty…They didn’t know that while watching the barramundi at the same time the other end of the jetty is fighting another monster..

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