White Spotted Brown Stingray

DATE: 11-11-2008      TIME: 9pm       ROD: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft       REEL: Okuma Catalana 25CL     LINE: 40lbs      RIG: Long snood bottom Feeder      BAIT: Whole fresh squid

Amin just into surf fishing less than a year. But he determine to catch big one. Tonight is the second night he spent at the jetty. Tide was about to full. Hong arrived and saw Amin new Okuma reel so he offer to change bait for him. Hong choose a fresh squid and casted out.

Fifteen minute later this reel alarm screaming. Leong who was watching me catching squid was the nearest to the rod. He turn and grab it. Hong who is not far away also come to grab the rod. Amin come a few second later. Haha… three person going for the rod wanting to strike. Eventually it was given to Amin the rod owner. He strike and the fish run. Almost taking the entire spool line out. Luckily it stop with very little line left. I told him to pump and gain line back. He did what is told and manage to get the fish to mid water. By now he is tired and pass the rod to Wei. Wei another beginner follow up and manage to bring the fish to the surface. At one stage he almost let the fish go under the jetty. With some help he manage to steer it out. I get my gaff ready and manage to gaff it on the second try and pull it up. It hit the scale at 12.5kg. It was also Amin up todate biggest catch.

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