DATE: 15-11-2008      ROD: Shoreangler Jetty Lite 5.5ft      REEL: Penn Baymaster 180L     LINE: 20lbs      RIG: Cable Car      BAIT: Live Herring(Tamban)

Was there yesterday night. But only catching squid as I just cast out one time and the rest of the time the rod was left dry. Reason is the uptide current is too strong and there is too many small rods with braided line targeting small little cat fish. This few night jetty is full of cattie(duri). Almost who ever use prawn or sotong(squid) will catch one. Estimate yesterday night the whole jetty added up might have more than 70 pcs of catties caught.

Squid was also rare. Up to 11pm I only caught one. Seem like the squid season is coming to an end with the start of the north east monsoon. Yesterday night the northern wind is blowing quite strong and that cause the surface water to be choppy. It indirectly scare the squid to surface. Decided to packup around 11.30pm to get rest on my mobile home.

Wakeup around 6.30am and headed in to the jetty. The sun has not even rise. Haha…Cast out a multiplyer and a spinning rod for bottom big game. Follow by my this self made jetty lite rod for cable car rig to target surface predator. Tamban was rare today. Even those regular tamban jigger find hard to get. Manage to get one after some hard work. It was quickly rig down.

Bottom bait was quite lasting after a few check on it. Tide and current is smooth and good. Was chatting with a friend around 9.30am when I saw my self made rod tip bend down follow by a queen fish jump up from the water surface. Quickly getup and strike. Yes…. its ON. This little fellow make another few jump and deep dive. It able to do so because my sinker is small and light. Haha…it nice to play it with a short rod like this. I let it run until it slow down then I used my hand to grab hold on the main line and pull it up. Hahaha….forgot to weight it but it should be a round a kilo range.


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