He don’t need any tackle to caught this fish….

Few weekend back Lai was fishing with his friends at the jetty. It was already 7 plus in the evening and the sky already turn dark. While he was standing around, suddenly he heard a “piak” sound behind him and when he turn around to look he saw a fish is jumping on the jetty floor. His immediate reaction is scolding “bloody LK(his friend) U want to lift up fish also don’t throw it so near to me” But when he look at LK, he is doing nothing le. Lai take a closer look at the fish and saw no hook or line and nobody come to take it. Ehh…hahaha….he understand….this wolf herring about 1kg jump out of the water by itself. Quick hand quick leg Lai went to grab hold of it before LK come. Haha…free fish thrown up by the sea dragon king.


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