My Biggest Gaf Fish from the Shoreline

Date: 31-01-2009    ROD: Daiwa Longcast 12ft.    REEL: Daiwa 47H    LINE: 30lbs mono    RIG: Long Snood Bottom Feeder     BAIT: Frozen Tamban.

Still on my lunar new year long holiday. Yesterday morning went to this place and had a big missed hook. The fish took my tamban bait and swim inward and cause my line to loosen. I saw it and went forward wanted to tighten the line. But before I reach my rod, it turn out and swim away causing my rod to bend and reel alarm go screaming. I pickup the rod and strike but didn’t manage to set the hook. Instead I had accidentally pull the hook out from the fish mouth and it was set free.

No happy with yesterday incident, I went back today again. Same, casted out two rods with tamban as bait. It was about 10.30am and the tide is coming in smoothly. I went to check my bait and it was lasting so I re-casted out. Awhile later suddenly I saw my rod tip rattle and the whole rod bend forward with the reel alarm screaming. I rush to pickup the rod and strike. At the sametime I saw a big Gaf fish jump up from the water surface and do a acrobatic turn. It sink down and take more line out. After several more dive, it swim inward and I can easily wind in my line. When it was at the water edge, I waited for the next wave to carried it on the shore. Haha..a big gaf fish. After weighing, it hit the scale at 3kg. Hoho…it is my personal best record Gaf fish from the shore by surfcasting.


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