Labrador Gaff Fish

Bedok jetty under renovation until march 2009 so have to look for another spot to fish. Decided to go labrador park to try as there is a newly built breakwater which I haven’t fish before. The place was a former navy camp site and now it is a beautiful beach with toilet and shelter. It is not very snaggy here if you cast from the breakwater. But further out  to the right side where “Long Ya mern” stone is, the whole stretch is snaggy. If you not careful and fast enough, most likely you will encounter snag when you wind back your line. I fish here yesterday night and got snag two time result in sinker lost. Try until 2am without any bite. Take rest in my mobile home and this morning move over to the jetty. Early morning not crowded so lots of space to fish. Decide to do surface fishing with cable car. Quickly jig for tamban and manage to get a few. The first tamban down landed a gaff fish almost immediately. This hungry fellow whack it and swallow the hook causing my Daiwa 47H reel alarm to sound. Without much problem I wind it back and used my Daiwa longcast rod to lift it up. It was given to a angler whom I known after the hook was removed.


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