24kg Brown Stingray

Date: 16-02-2010      Time: 11.00pm      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided joint with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh octopus tentacles.

A telephone call by Hong at 5pm this afternoon wake me up from my resting after my morning trip. They were short of bait and ask me to bring down extra bait for them. I quickly packup all the necessary items and headed to the coffee shop to buy three packet of mee goreng for dinner.

Reach jetty around 5.45pm and it was crowded but not much anglers as most of them are just walking around. Down tide was about to end and I quickly setup my tackle and casted out. Bait was quite lasting at this time. At 7.15pm when the tide turn up, we all change the bait again. I check again around 8.30pm and my rod was heavy at the end. I had to pump a few time to be able to wind back the line. It turn out a big octopus was hook on it tentacles by my hook. LaughingJust nice for a fresh bait. I cut out all the tentacles and all of us change it as bait immediatly.

Current was running fast now. Lai has decided to packup as he need to work tomorrow. Hong also packup as he need to send Lai home. Now only left me alone fishing. Lucky Mr. Tyre was around to chit chat with me. I change the bait again around 10.30pm. I had told Mr Tyre if he went back, I wll be packing up also as there will be no other to help me to gaff it if I do had a big hookup.

Around 11pm. Mr. Tyre recieved a call from his wife asking him to pick her up. I also standup and wanted to pickup my rod when my reel alarm go screaming. I pickup and strike. Mr Tyre saw it and told his wife that I had a hookup and he need to stay awhile longer to help as no other angler are around. Wow… the fish just keep on striping out the line and going. I had to tighten my drag a few time to slow it down. It totally strip half of my spool line before I manage to stop it. Once it stop, I quickly pump and gain line. I was pulling it against the current flow now, It really a very tough job but there is no one to pass the rod too as Mr. Tyre don’t know how to play a multiplyer. No choice I had to hang on. I know I am in control now so I keep putting pressure on the fish and gaining line. Once I got my leader in my spool, I know I gonna to bring it up. After about fifteen minutes of hard work, I surface it. Mr. Tyre was ready with the gaff and with one strike, it was in but was too heavy to pull up just by himself. I ask another guy to come and hold my rod so that I am free to get another gaff. With both gaff in, we both pull it up. It weigh 24kg on a 50kg scale tie to a lamp post with the help of another two guys. Haha.. two fishes in aday. What a wonderful lunar new year to celebrate.


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