New Year, New Shirt, New Record


Date: 16-02-2010     Time: 10.45am      Rod: Penn PowerStick 10ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT50      Line: 30lbs Braided joint with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Frozen Night Herring(Tuabak)

Today is the third day of the lunar new year. Every year this will be my first day of fishing after two days of cooking, gathering, eating and visiting. This morning when I put on a new T-shirt, my wife ask me why must wear new shirt for fishing? I said, well it may bring me good luck.Wink

Reach jetty around 8am. Not so crowded as some might still celebrating the new year. Bait fish tamban was rare. Lucky I did bring along two packet of frozen night herring. Quickly set up two set of tackles and casted out. After I jig two live bait, I added two cable car rigs on both rods. Continue to jig for bait fish and after some hard work, manage to get about ten tambans. But I keep it for tonight trip as I wanted to used up my frozen bait first.

Around 10am, I decided to check the bait on my Penn powerstick rod. I started to pump the rod and I notice a small fish was jumping a distance away. This I realise that I had caught a small queenie on my cable car rig. Easily I wind it back and lift it up. It should weigh less than 500g.


A lady who come along to look around saw what I had caught and wanted to buy it from me. I told her it didn’t have much meat and this fish cannot be steam to eat as the skin is like rubber. She told me her father in law who is from Hong Kong and also present there wanted to eat fresh fishes so she insist I sell it to her. She took out 5 buck and wanted to put in my hand. Upon seeing her like and I still on a new year mood, I agreed to gave it to her for free. I even offer to fillet out the meat for her as I afraid they don’t know how to do it properly and it may cook it with the skin on. She was so happy and offer me a can of root beer.Laughing I happily accept it. I do the cutting for her and she left the place with the fresh fish meat happily.

After washing up, I was about to take a rest when I heard my reel screaming.Surprised I saw my rod bending and line is running out fast. Quickly I move in to pickup the rod and strike. Ooh..It is very heavy and still taking out line. I was thinking could it be a ray as it has taken my bottom bait. When the fish stop running, I quickly gain control and start pumping and winding back line. It is very slow and super heavy as my rod bend to the maximum. By now there is a big crowd gather around to see the fight. Jepun the tamban hook seller come to help set up my gaff. I keep on winding back and manage to bring it close. When I surface it, it was a big queen fish and it was foul hook on the body bottom fin. No wonder it was so heavy as I was pulling the fish side way when the current is flowing left to right.


A regular there took over the gaff and gaff it up for me. I put it on the scale and it hit the 6kg mark. Smile It is a new personal record on queenfish for me. My previous best was 5.6kg on a night trip.Laughing I think the sea dragon king who control the sea saw I gave away the small one and decided to gave me a bigger one. haha………

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