No Break but Even 6kg Exactly

Date: 19-02-2010     Time: 9.50am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT40      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader       Rig: Cable Car 30lbs Dupont line.       Bait: Live herring(Tamban)

Still on my annual long holiday and just another day of fishing…Went there yesterday night to fish and catch some squid. Packup around 3am and take a rest on my mobile home.

Wakeup at 6.30am by the noise of car door closing. It was those parents who sent their kids to the east coast beach to attend the Chung Cheng Seconary School activity.Frown

Can’t sleep already so headed in to the jetty.Yell Tide is still going down. Setup two set of tackles and casted out. Start jigging for live bait and add a cable car rig to one of the rod. Check on the bottom bait and it was not lasting so need to change often. Lucky it was early so fresh bait still available if U work hard.

Around 9.50am…while I was jigging for bait, suddenly my saltist reel went screaming….plus other anglers who present there also shouted….Alo……..Surprised

Rush forward pickup the rod and strike….a big fish jump out of the water surface…..Queenie again…Laughing but this time on cable car rig…30lbs mono only no wire trace…have to be extra careful….Play it slowly and it do another acrobatic jump…hoho…pray hard…hope my mono can last the abrasion by the sand paper type teeth on the mouth.

Have to carefully putting presure on the fish hoping to tired it down and avoid strong jerk. Luckily…it surrender after some big circling around. Ah Tee come along to setup my gaff and gaff it up for me. Weigh it and it hit the scale excatly at 6kg no more no less….hoho….no breaking record…..just even my personnal best. Have to try again next time.Tongue out


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