7kg Barramundi

Date: 04-04-2010  Tackle: 150lbs mono handline no sinker no float.  Bait: Live night herring

He did hookup this fish a few week back but the fish make a dash into the pillar and end up his 150lbs hand line burst. That how strong and fast this fish is. For the past week, this fish appear again but won’t dare to take his live bait. Maybe is healing from the wound on it mouth.

Saturday night…rain started to drizzle non stop. Every one left the place except him as his home is far away. Boring, he went to look for this fish. He found it there again. Armed with his handline, he hook a live night herring again and let it down to swim freely. Yes…the fish took his bait and he gave no chance and make no mistake this time. He bring it up and it weight 7kg. What a wonderful reward for his hard work under the rain which pour non stop even into the morning when this photo was taken.

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