Landing a fish is not only by luck

Date: 10-04-2010

Yusof, Gary and I was fishing on the extreme left side of the jetty.  My all other friends was fishing on the right side. Tide was going down by now but on slow current flow. Gary rod was the first to spotted a hookup. He strike and it was on. He pump hard and wind back fast. But the fish drop off when it just appear to the water surface. Yusof got his turn. His reel screech, he strike and pump but no hookup. Another chance for him again a little while later but same thing happened. No hookup. Haha… I went over to tell Gary….if the fish did eat my bait…no chances of escape. True enough….awhile later I wind back a small nurse shark. It took my octopus tentacle supply by Ah An who was among the anglers fishing on the right side. Fishing is not only luck…your skill, method and technic do count.


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